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Guidance / School Counseling


The GHS School Counselors Welcome You to OUR Homepage!


Click here for dates of School Counseling Program activities for the 2022-2023 School Year (testing/test registration, student/parent meetings, college information sessions, etc.)

The GHS School Counselors welcome you to Scoir, pronounced “score”.  Scoir is a secure web-based tool designed to assist students in making informed decisions about college opportunities and career choices.   Scoir provides all of us with resources with a user-friendly interface for students, parents, faculty and staff.   You must be invited to access Scoir.  All GHS students will be invited to register.  Parents will also be invited directly, but their children can invite them from their student account as well.  

Reminder:  ALL students can download an UNOFFICIAL transcript from their student Aspen account. Sometimes a coach, program, or honor society requests a copy of your transcript, and most often, this unofficial one is all that's required.  (Aspen My Info tab > Transcripts side tab).  Seniors will be requesting transcripts and letters of recommendation by using the tools in Scoir.  Your School Counselor and Guidance Assistant will assist you in learning this process! 

The College Board Opportunity Scholarship program is available to all high school juniors, with $5 million annually for the scholarship pool and winners are chosen in monthly drawings. There is an additional $40,000 pool for CT students so there are even more chances to win.  

We encourage our students to consider apprenticeships in the building trades as a post high school educational option.  All apprenticeship training is tuition free, which means no student debt! Earn while you learn - apprentices earn a living wage from day one, as well as health benefits and pension benefits through union participation.  Visit ConstructYourFuture.Com and have a conversation with your school counselor or Mrs. Lochridge in the College & Career Center!   

Norwalk Community College High School Partnership allows qualified juniors and seniors with a 3.0 GPA to take a free course at NCC in either fall or spring semester.  Please note this program provides an official college transcript, so students must take participation seriously as all grades are part of your permanent college record.

H.O.T. Guide - Health Occupations and Technology Guide to Careers in Connecticut.

School Counseling Program Overview:

The school counselors support the mission of the Greenwich Public Schools by helping all students access the coursework and extracurricular activities that will allow them to reach their highest academic potential, and develop the capacities outlined in the Vision of the Graduate. The school counselors also actively contribute to the development of a safe and supportive environment in which to learn.

Throughout the year, the school counselors meet with students individually, in small groups and in the classroom to assist with:

  • Academic advising including course selection, scheduling, and academic support
  • Social and emotional counseling including peer relationships, stress management, conflict resolution and crisis intervention
  • Career and college exploration using tools on Scoir as well as community resources
  • Post-secondary planning, beginning with the initial search through the application and acceptance process

Students are assigned a school counselor who works with them throughout their four years at Greenwich High School. To discuss a question or concern, or to schedule an appointment, students and families can contact their school counselor directly by phone or email, or contact their House’s Guidance administrative assistant. Contact Us.