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Course Selection and Academic Planning

Greenwich High School has a strong college going culture. In the second semester of 8th grade, the Central, Eastern, and Western Middle School counselors collaborate with the 8th grade teachers, the program leaders at Greenwich High School, and with their students and parents to select 9th grade courses that will keep the doors open to many opportunities after high school. A series of 8th to 9th grade bridge activities are scheduled for students and parents each school year. 

Do you want to consider our local regional/state public school options for high school? Click here for a chart comparing the program offerings of GHS, AITE, Stamford Agriscience, J.M. Wright Tech and the Center for Global Studies.

BRAND NEW to the Greenwich Public Schools?  Visit our New Student Registration page.  

All incoming 9th graders are provided with a GHS Planning Guide or Guia de planificacion de GHS en Espanol which provides comprehensive information to assist with the course planning process, as well as post high school planning. We encourage all students to read this guide and address questions to their school counselor for help with decision making.

For rising 10th, 11th and 12th graders, course selection and registration takes place in the months of January, February and March. The school counselors are experienced in using their knowledge about their students’ strengths, interests, and goals to develop an individualized schedule of courses for each year of high school. Our goal is to help students meet with success in courses that are both academically challenging and personally manageable. Placement criteria/pre-requisites that affect course recommendations and placement are outlined in the GHS Course of Study Guide.  The Academic pages located under Teaching and Learning contain additional information. 

Link to a Four Year Course Planning Chart 25 Credits 

Link to a Typical Freshman Schedule 

Link to GHS Career Pathway Course Suggestions

Link to GHS Electives Chart

Innovation Lab is an interdisciplinary, project-based program of courses at GHS structured in a "school within a school" model. Visit the InLab website.  Speak to your school counselor about your interest in Innovation Lab.

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a four year academic elective program for students who are historically underrepresented in bachelors degree programs in colleges. Speak to your school counselor about your interest in AVID.