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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Program Overview:

The ESL (English as a Second Language) program at GHS has 4 full-time teachers as well as one full-time professional aide who monitors the Learning Center. We offer academic support and college counseling for all exited ELLs who are in mainstream courses. Our program oversees the students' progress from the time they enter GHS until they graduate. Upon entry, we have a multi-tiered intake procedure which includes taking an academic history, questionnaire on first language and education achievement as well as a discussion on individual goals of both the parent/ sponsors and the student. Placement tests are also administered in a variety of subject areas. We are a rigorous college-preparatory program and offer 14 distinct courses in English (levels 1-4), Social Studies (1, 2 and US History), ESL Math, ESL Biology, ESL Chemistry (levels 1 - 2) and ESL Global Studies (level 3 - 9th grade). All courses afford students an opportunity to earn graduation credits while acquiring more advanced academic English proficiency. Our ESL Learning Center offers academic support for all subject areas for all students and is run by a full-time LC Facilitator and teachers are assigned each block as well. In addition, ESL offers "Homework Club" after school three times a week for additional support. The GHS ESL Program is constructed as a family so as to communicate its population's needs across disciplines and services.

Program Contact Information:

Ms. Lorraine Hokayem
Program Associate, ESL Teacher

Ms. Jeanne-Marie McAnanly
ESL Teacher

Ms. Kimberly Steinhorn
ESL Teacher

Mr. Roger White
ESL Teacher

Ms. Jennifer Boone
Learning Center Facilitator

ESL Learning Center
(203) 863-8812

Awards and Celebrations:

  • Quarterly Awards Breakfast Ceremonies are held in the ESL LC after Quarterly Reports for the first 3 quarters and students who achieve an 85% or more on homework and class participation received certificates and there is a door prize raffle.
  • Annual Awards Ceremony is held in June in the Media Center to recognize students who demonstrate exemplary performance in their classes