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Innovation Lab

Photos of Innovation Lab Students

For a more complete description of GHS Innovation Lab, visit our website and blog. Teacher and student blogs are a first-hand perspective about project-based learning.

Innovation Lab is a rigorous, interdisciplinary, school-within-a-school model at Greenwich High School. This progressive and personalized model is designed and implemented by a dedicated team of GHS educators who are leveraging innovative teaching methods, project-based and blended learning strategies, and leading-edge technology applications, all within the larger infrastructure of GHS.

Innovation Lab is devoted to fostering creativity, curiosity, and purpose within an interdisciplinary and academically rigorous, college preparatory curriculum. Teachers blend core disciplines to create STEM and Humanities in a project-based approach. Students develop the skills and content knowledge they require by connecting to questions and topics of interest. With guidance, they discover their passions and impact the community at large.

Foundational Principles:

  • Cross-disciplinary approach to content and skill development
  • High levels of student-teacher collaboration and connection
  • Student agency and ownership of learning
  • Focus on metacognition and growth mindset
  • Project-based learning opportunities
  • Community involvement with real-world internship/mentoring
  • Regular public exhibition of student work
  • Technology as a dynamic tool for learning
  • Access to the resources available in the existing structure of GHS

Innovation Lab meets the department requirements for a student’s English, Social Studies, and/or Science courses at both the honors and college prep levels. Innovation Lab subjects are organized into two areas: STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) and the Humanities (Arts, English, Social Studies). The freshman program for Humanities includes English 112/113/113A with Global Studies 112/113/113A, and Design Studio 9. The sophomore year program includes English 212/213, US History 212/213, and/or Environmental Science (Honors Option available), and a Design Studio 10 electives. The junior year program includes American and Modern World Literature, Civics and another Socials Studies elective, and/or Practical Physics/Physics/Honors Physics, and a Design Studio 11 elective as a STEM elective. Senior Year, InLab students take Design Studio 12 and either Science Research or Social Science Research. 

Although Innovation Lab offers both standard college preparatory and honors level courses, there are no AP classes offered, as these conflict with both our philosophy of depth over breadth and our unique scheduling needs. All Innovation Lab students take World Language, Physical Education, and other elective classes in the wider high school.  They also participate in the wide array of extracurricular activities available at GHS. For a complete list of Innovation Lab courses, see the GHS Course of Study Guide and Course Sequence.

Students who wish to join can visit the InLab Website application page to sign up. Applications are accepted from January 1 and we interview students before decisions are made. Students must receive parental permission to join the program. To keep up with GHS Innovation Lab projects, reflections, and updates, check out our blog at and follow us on twitter at @GHSInLab.



Research and development of GHS Innovation Lab is supported by a generous grant from the Greenwich Alliance for Education.

Program Contact Information

The best way to contact a teacher is via email.

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Points of Pride:

We are proud to announce that 100% of our Seniors of the Class of 2019 and 2018 were accepted to college and, in total, we had more than $3.9 million in offered scholarships between the two years.

In the last three years, Innovation Lab students have qualified for the national competition in the National History Day by placing first or second in the state competition. Individual Performance: Gracie (Class of 2020) "The Double Identity of Hedy Lamarr: Inventor and Invented Woman; Emma (2020) “The Pentagon Papers: An Inner Conflict, An External Compromise in American Values”; Group Exhibit: Sydney and Sophia (2019) “Greenwich Women Face the Great War”; Group Performance: Jody, Sophie, and Nina (2019); “Society's Compromise is a Whole New Crime: The Rape of Recy Taylor”; and Katherine, Flora, Nicole, and Sofia (2018), qualified for an unprecedented three years in a row ending with “Barbara McClintock: Jumping Over Conflict and Creating Compromise to Expand the Knowledge of the Genome”.

In addition, Innovation Lab teachers, Ms. Courtney Hawes, Ms. Christina Shaw, and Mr. Michael Belanger, were honored as the CT representatives for the 2018 James F. Harris Teacher Award.

Nina (Class of 2019) is one of five GHS students selected to attend the GAINS (Girls Advancing in STEM) Conference at Stanford University.

Jody (Class of 2019) created and launched I.C.O.D., In Case of Deportation, a non-profit and website connecting children whose caregivers could be deported with condensed versions of government resources and helpful links.