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Senior Options Program

Senior Options: General Information 

Seniors in good academic standing have the opportunity to participate in a Senior Option, i.e. Internship or Project, in the last 4+ weeks of senior year instead of attending classes at GHS. 

  • Program begins Monday, May 15th (last day of classes for participants is Friday, May 13th)
  • Program ends Tuesday, June 13th (this date is subject to change after the BOE announces the date of graduation in April).
  • Senior Project Exhibition - Tuesday, June 13th (this date is subject to change after the BOE announces the date of graduation in April).

Prerequisites for participation: 

  • Have and maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Have satisfactory attendance and disciplinary records
  • Have not failed or be in danger of failing any senior year course (this includes PE)
  • Have successfully completed all graduation requirements, including performance standards

Program Contacts:

Senior Internship Coordinator: 
Senior Project Coordinators: 

Senior Options 2023: Details

  • Program participation requires 25 hours of work per week (5 hours/day); time lost because of illness or college orientations must be made up 
  • All seniors must choose between a self-designed Senior Internship, a self-designed Senior Project, or remaining in class.
  • Students will be provided with more information about the Senior Options program through an introductory presentation  in Advisor Base on January 4th.  In addition, students will learn how to register on the Senior Options website.  
  • Students are also required to attend one of the mandatory virtual information sessions to get more information about senior project or internship.  
  • Students wishing to participate in Internship or Project must submit a self-design application by March 15th
  • Students will be notified of approval status by April 1.   
  • All students are required to ask/secure a GHS faculty mentor for support and supervision during both internship or project. 
  • Visit the Career Center for any internship questions/help (brainstorming ideas, registering your application, connecting with potential internships, etc.) during lunch block starting January 25th.

Self-design Internship:

  • Things to know to develop an internship application:
    • All senior internships are self-designed. You will contact the internship site directly  (sample introduction template) expressing your interest in their business and ask if they would have an internship opportunity available for you.
    • You will need to ask a faculty member to be your mentor for your internship assignment. YOUR MENTOR MUST AGREE BEFORE ADDING THEM TO YOUR INTERNSHIP APPLICATION!!
    • Once a site agrees to take you as an intern, you will need to create your application in SchooLinks before March 15th.

(Reminder: Click "Log In" Do not create an account.  Log in using your GPS Gmail account.  Any applications submitted under a personal email account will be deleted.)

Things to Know:

  • Students must have an adult Site Supervisor who cannot be your parent/guardian
  • Students cannot be paid for their time (internships must be unpaid)
  • Once internship begins you will enter weekly logs of hours in SchoolLinks website
  • You will also submit weekly reflections in SchoolLinks website during program

Reference Information:

  • Sample Introductory template
  • Information for Self-Designed Internship
  • As a resource you can view sites/contacts which supported GHS last year. This list is NOT current open positions but assignments students interned at last year. Please use this resource as a reference to search for areas of interest and contact information to connect with the site. 
  • Internship description Letter for sites
  • Letter to seniors and parents

For students interested in interning at a GPS Elementary or Middle School:

  • Email the teacher that you would like to intern with and cc the school principal
  • Once approved by the teacher and principal, add the position to SchoolLinks site 

Self-design Project:

  • All projects are to be completed independently - no partner/group projects will be approved!
  • Projects must fall under one of the following three categories:
  • Develop a Senior Project Application using this template. 
    • Prior to developing your detailed application, fill out the optional Senior Project Feedback Form to get feedback on your project idea or schedule an appointment with Ms. Waters for help.
  • All Senior Projects must be overseen by a GHS faculty member.  Your Senior Project Application must be approved by your GHS Faculty Mentor before submitting your application.

Submit your Senior Project Application to the Senior Project Application on SchoolLinks by March 15th. 

(Reminder: Click "Log In" Do not create an account.  Log in using your GPS Gmail account.  Any applications submitted under a personal email account will be deleted.)

  • Enter weekly log of hours in SchoolLinks during program (more info to follow)
  • Submit weekly reflections in SchoolLinks during program (more info to follow)
  • Present your project at the Senior Project Exhibition in the Student Center (date June 13, 2023, but subject to change) - Presentation format can be oral, video, website, slide presentation  ** Please note, seniors must be present for this presentation to earn final credit for their project and to be allowed to participate in graduation.

Students Remaining in Class:

Students are more than welcome to continue in their regularly scheduled classes!  In addition, students who have not met the above criteria are required to stay in class.

If you plan to continue your studies at GHS from May 15th to the end of School, please let us know in SchoolLinks.