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Senior Options Program

Senior Options: General Information 

Seniors in good academic standing have the opportunity to participate in a Senior Option (i.e. Internship or project) in the last 4+ weeks of senior year instead of attending classes at GHS.  More details about this program will be announced during Advisor Base in the first week of January 2024.

  • All student internship applications must be completed/approved by April 1st.
  • Program begins Monday, May 20th (last day of classes for participants is Friday, May 17th)
  • Program ends Friday, June 14th (this date is subject to change after the BOE announces the date of graduation in April).

Prerequisites for participation: 

  • Have and maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Have satisfactory attendance and disciplinary records
  • Have not failed or be in danger of failing any senior year course (this includes PE)
  • Have successfully completed all graduation requirements, including performance standards

Program Contacts:
Senior Internship Coordinator: 
Senior Project Coordinators: Mr. Mayo and House Administrators

Senior Internship

All internships are self-designed, which means students are responsible for contacting sites directly. While students are responsible for finding their own internship, we are here to help. See us during any lunch block in the College and Career Center.

Internships are UNPAID. 25 hours a week are required (missed hours due to illness, college orientations, etc. need to be made up).

There are two things you must do before submitting your application:

  1. Your internship site sponsor needs to agree to host you as an intern. Be sure to discuss your role and responsibilities in detail. You will need this information in your application.

  2. Ask a GHS faculty or staff  member to be your Internship Mentor.

Please review this video to review the process in SchooLinks.


1. Research and contact potential internship sites. Start early! Sites fill up quickly, just like summer jobs in Greenwich! 

  • Use your contacts: Ask family members, friends, neighbors, etc.  
  • Get some ideas from the database where GHS students interned in past years. Keep in mind that these sites have not agreed to take interns this year, but hopefully you will get some ideas from this list. 
  • If you are stuck and need help in finding an internship, come to the College and Career Center Monday-Thursday during lunch block starting after midterm exams. We are here to help!
  • Sample Introductory email
  • Internship description Letter (include in your email)

2. Once you have an internship site, ask a GHS faculty or staff member to be your Internship Mentor (needed for your application in SchooLinks).

3. Complete your application in SchooLinks ASAP (proof read carefully as your internship sponsor will receive a copy of your application).

4. Confirm with your internship site sponsor that they've received the email to approve your assignment from SchooLinks. Your internship site sponsor must approve the internship in SchooLinks (before April 1st) in order for the Senior Options Team to make the final approval in SchooLinks.

5. Senior Options Team reviews the application and submits the final approval in SchooLinks sending you and your internship site sponsor an email confirmation.

SCHOOLINKS is very important - Please double check all information is accurate and approved.


Elementary and Middle School Contacts

Any student requesting an internship at the elementary or middle schools must copy/include the contact person listed on this list in your email to secure your spot. Example: if you are interested in asking one of your previous teachers, you can contact them directly, but also add that school's internship contact to your request. In SchooLinks you would submit your application in the "GPS Schools Senior Internship" program.


  1. How to see who is placed with them in SchooLinks: 

  2. How to approve hours: Sponsors are expected to verify hours weekly. When they receive email requests from students. They should ensure that students are sending these verification requests to the proper email address

Senior Project

Memo sent to students on 2/9/2024:


Dear Members of the Senior Class:

The senior project committee (Ralph Mayo, Chase Martin, Jennifer Gilleran, Courtney Hawes, Peter Mulholland, Laura Boyd), with representation from each of the five houses, has been formed to review and approve all senior project applications. We have an application attached to this email, which is to be submitted to the committee prior to March 1, 2024. 

Prior to submitting an application, please ask faculty members to be your mentor. Please do not submit an application without your mentor's approval. In addition to creating a project blog with weekly posts, throughout the senior project, you must check in with your mentor at least once per week by video conference or in person. There will be a dynamic Presentation of Learning at the end of the project. 

The committee will review each application and will notify you if your project is approved or if we need additional information from you in order to move forward. If your project does not receive approval, students will still have time to apply for an internship. The deadline for the internship is April 1st. 

Remember all candidates for senior internships or projects must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be in good standing academically in all your classes with a minimum of 2.0 cum GPA

  • Have successfully completed all graduation requirements, including performance standards, and have not failed or be in danger of failing any senior year course (including P.E.)

  • Have a satisfactory attendance and disciplinary record 

  • Follow district norms as well as the Cardinal Rules (Freedom with Responsibility)

Senior Project Application