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Visual Arts

Program Overview:

Adt Department Staff

The GHS Visual Arts Department believes that art learning involves the construction, interweaving, and interpretation of personal and socio-cultural meaning through visual communication. To do so, students cultivate possibilities which challenge conventional limits. Instead of using predictable measures to solve problems, students use capacities such as creativity, fluency, originality, and elaboration to seek multiple answers to a question. To this end, we offer twenty eight classes from introductory to honors to advanced placement using traditional and contemporary materials. Students exhibit and compete locally and nationally, visit museums, and build portfolios. All students exhibit in Spring Into Art, our end of the year art show.

Courses and Sample Student Work:

Program Contact Information:

Department Office: 203-625-8004

Ms. Julie Nixon
Program Associate

Ms. Shekaiba Bennett

Ms. Jaimie Charles

Dr. Cheryl Iozzo

Mr. Benjamin Quesnel

Ms. Lisa Scarogni

Ms. Elizabeth Vazquez

Art Awards:

Our art students participate in many local and some national competitions and exhibit opportunities. Competitions and shows include The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, The Art Society of Old Greenwich Scholarship Award, The Norwalk Community College Show for High School, The Katonah Museum's Show for High School Seniors, The Stamford Art Society Competition for High School, and The Congressional Show. We also exhibit our art in the Town Hall of Greenwich, The Media Center, The Glass Corridor, The Performing Arts Center, The District Show and throughout the high school in the administration wing and the various houses. During Spring Into Art, our Open House in May, we try to exhibit at least one piece from every student who has taken art during
the school year.