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Windrose program has the following specific purpose and expectations:

  • Setting an academic course toward high school graduation.
  • Personalized preparation for college and career.
  • Find a greater purpose and meaning for learning.

The criteria for determining eligibility to participate in this program:

  • Prefers a small environment with low student-teacher ratio.
  • Responds well to structure and support.
  • Over-age and under-credit.
  • Want to find a greater purpose and meaning for learning.

The criteria for how and when a student may enter and exit the program are:

  • Students must apply and have support of their guidance counselor and family.
  • Students can exit the program upon graduation, if not accessing the services, and/or if the student indicates a desire to return to GHS and has notified the Windrose staff one month prior to the semester break.


Participation in the program is voluntary. The placement of each student shall be reviewed annually to consider the program goals used to reinforce student and parent choice regarding placement.

For more information on this program please see:

If you would like to apply for this program, please fill out the application.

Counselors only: Please fill out this questionnaire for any students applying to the program. Student applications cannot be reviewed until counselors have submitted this information.

*“Wind rose” is the ancient term used by sailors for a compass rose because they linked the winds with polar directions. In Windrose, students will find purpose and direction for their post-secondary life.

289 Delavan Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830