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Coach Directory

GHS Athletic Office:

Mr. Peter Georgiou
Interim Director of Athletics

Ms. Carol Marinelli
Athletics Assistant

Athletic Office: 203-625-8050

Athletic Office Fax: 203-863-8819

Coaches Office: 203-863-8882

Athletic Manager Room: 203-863-8814

Athletic Training Room: 203-863-8856

Head Coaches:

Adrian Arango

Basketball - Boys
Todd Trimmer

Basketball - Girls
Megan Wax

Wayne Gioffre

Julia Vyskocil

Cross Country - Boys
Sean Astle

Cross Country - Girls
Evan Dubin

Danielle Nash

Fencing - Boys and Girls
Brad DeVito

Field Hockey
Megan Wax

Anthony Morello

Golf - Boys
Jeff Santilli

Golf - Girls
Taner Karakas

Sue Knight

Ice Hockey - Boys
Jack Duffy

Ice Hockey - Girls
Doug Jebb

Indoor Track - Boys
Jeff Klein

Indoor Track - Girls
Peter Watson

Lacrosse - Boys
Bobby Lutz

Lacrosse - Girls
Tara Clough

Rugby - Boys
Mike Fina

Rugby - Girls
Erin Martschenko

Sailing - Boys and Girls
TJ Danilek

Skiing - Boys and Girls
Jay Dunne

Soccer - Boys
Kurt Putnam

Soccer - Girls
Simon Rumbold

MaryBeth Fratello

Swimming and Diving - Boys
Terry Lowe

Swimming and Diving - Girls
Brendan Heller

Tennis - Boys
Ray Marschall

Tennis - Girls
Julie Shropshire

Track and Field - Boys
contact Athletic Director for questions

Track and Field - Girls
Peter Watson

Volleyball - Boys
Emilio Renzulli

Volleyball - Girls
Marianna Linnehan

Water Polo - Boys
James Ramaley

​​Water Polo - Girls
Paul Constantin​​

Jereme Petersen

Please see individual Teams pages for additional information and other coach contacts.