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College Bound Student Athletes

If student-athletes plan to compete on the collegiate level, they should make their guidance counselors aware of their intentions. They should discuss with their counselors the colleges that would be academically and socially appropriate. Their guidance counselors will make sure that they are meeting core requirements and will be reminded that academic performance is key.  Towards the end of their junior year student-athletes can also find out if they are on track to meet academic eligibility on the NCAA Clearinghouse website.

Once student-athletes decide that they would like to play college athletics, it is suggested that the players should speak with their coaches as soon as possible. Together, they will decide which level of collegiate competition would be best for them.  The student-athletes will be assisted by their coaches throughout their recruiting process. The NCAA website is a beneficial resource for student-athletes and parents.

Consider reviewing the NCAA's Academic Standards.

An additional resource is a recorded presentation by Wayne Mazzoni, current NCAA coach, national lecturer and author, entitled "Get Recruited: What Student-Athletes and Parents Need to Know."
Coaches will certainly be there to offer support for whatever plans student-athletes may have upon graduation. Whether it be a written recommendation, or any other assistance needed, their coaches should be there to encourage the student-athletes in their future intentions.