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Cross Country - Boys & Girls

Girls Cross Country Runners


Cross Country athletes are divided into training groups based on age, experience and ability,  Your training group determines the type of training you do, and the events in which you compete.  Each training group completes either weight or strength training multiple times per week.  Students interested in trying out must first register on the GHS Athletics website and email a current Sports Physical to the Health Office.

Three Boys Cross Country Runners

Time Commitment:

Practices During the Season:  Practices are generally held 3:00-5:00 Monday-Friday at the track and Saturdays from 8:00-10:00 at Tod’s Point. Attendance at practice is mandatory.

Meets: League meets are held on a weekly basis starting at 4:00pm and lasting approximately 2–3 hours. All athletes will ride the bus to and from all away meets. In special situations, an athlete may receive permission from the head coach to ride home with their parent. In this situation, an Alternate Transportation Form is required.

Pre-Season Conditioning:

It is important to run over the summer.  We understand you may be traveling during a portion of the summer, but be sure to make as many conditioning sessions as possible.  Coaches and captains will email the weekly meetup schedule.

Recommended Training Plan for Incoming Freshman:

  • Make it a priority to attend summer conditioning led by the captains.  Email your head coach to be put in contact with a captain from the boys or girls team.
  • You should be running 5-6 times a week.  Committing to this team means that you are going to spend at least 30-70 minutes most days of the week during the summer towards improving your running abilities.

If you cannot attend summer conditioning, start by running 20 minutes a day, and add 5-10 minutes per day per week.  Below is a good cycle to follow.

  • First 2 weeks of June - 5 days of 25 mins.; 1 run of 40 mins.; 1 day off
  • Last 2 weeks of June - 5 days of 30 mins.; 1 run of 50 mins.; 1 day off
  • First week of July - 6 days of 25 mins.; 1 run of 45 mins.; 1 day off
  • Second week of July - 6 days of 35 mins.; 1 run of 50 mins.; 1 day off. 
  • Third and fourth weeks of July - 6 days of 40 mins.; 1 run of 60 mins.; 1day off
  • First 2 weeks of August - 6 days of 45 mins.; 1 run of 60 mins.; 1 day off
  • Third week of August - 6 days of 40 mins.; 1 run of 60 mins.; 1 day off
  • Fourth week of August - school and formal practices begin

The goal during these runs is to run far not fast.  Do not stop running during your session.  You should notice you're getting faster each week.  Drink plenty of water before and after your run.  Be sure to get a good stretch in for about 5-10 minutes after each run.

Optional Summer Programs:

  • Tuesday summer series at Waveny Park, 7pm (most Tuesdays, check schedule/email)
  • Saturday mornings at Tod's Point, likely 8am start (team meet-up)
  • One weekday evening at GHS track, likely 5 or 6pm start

Required Equipment:

Athletes must have appropriate clothing; we do not cancel practice due to rain.  Please make an effort to acquire a new pair of training shoes, a GPA watch to keep track of mileage, and always bring a watch and water. offers affordable racing spikes and equipment.

Coaching Staff:

Sean Astle 
Head Coach - Boys

Evan Dubin
Head Coach - Girls