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Program Overview:

Baseball Pitch

The mission of the Greenwich Cardinals Baseball program is to provide the best possible environment and experience to each and every student athlete, in which they can excel daily in the classroom and on the playing field.  The game of baseball is used as a tool to educate, promote and instill the qualities necessary to succeed in the real world both on and off the field.

We expect all players to conduct themselves appropriately on and off the field.  Remember that you represent yourself, your team and your community at all times.

Baseball fields 3 teams: Varsity, Junior Varsity and a Freshman team.  All students interested in playing must register on the Greenwich High School Athletic website and have physicals completed before tryouts to be permitted to play. 

Time Commitment:

We will have practices and games 6 days a week during the season.  You can expect to have a day off on either Saturday or Sunday.  Most practices will start after school during the week and run for approximately 2 hours.  Games are usually scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting between 4:00pm and 4:30pm.

Tryout Information:

Every player must be registered on Greenwich High Athletics website and have an up-to-date physical.  You will not receive a Health Verification Card (green card) but the coach/team will be notified directly. 

The tryout schedule is as follows:

Saturday, March 19 (GHS Baseball Field)
Freshmen - arrive at 8:45am (9:00am - 10:45am)
Sophomores - arrive at 10:30am (10:45am - 12:45pm)
Juniors and Seniors - arrive at 12:30pm (12:45pm - 2:45pm)

Sunday, March 20 (GHS Baseball Field)
Freshmen - arrive at 8:45am (9:00am - 10:45am)
Cuts for freshmen will be made after this tryout
Sophomores - arrive at 10:30am (10:45am - 12:45pm)
Juniors and Seniors - arrive at 12:30pm (12:45pm - 2:45pm)

Monday, March 21 (GHS Baseball Field)
Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors (3:45pm - 6:30pm)
Cuts for JV and Varsity will be made after this tryout

Pre-Season Conditioning:

Please do as much as you can to prepare for tryouts.  Most importantly, make sure you take care of your arm and do some throwing before tryouts to limit the possibility of arm injury or soreness once we get started.

Required Equipment:

Gloves, cleats, sneakers, helmets and bats are required for tryouts and the season.  Guidelines for baseball bats will be available in the near future.

Team Captains will be responsible for coordinating dress code for practices/pre-game uniforms/attire.    Uniforms (jersey, pants, hat and socks) will be provided to players.

Coaching Staff:

Adrian Arango
Head Coach

Aidan Gaffney
Varsity Assistant Coach

Sean Mayo
Varsity Assistant Coach

Kraig Binick
Junior Varsity Coach

Alex Santos
Freshman Coach

Joe Urbano
Equipment Manager