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Lacrosse - Boys

Program Overview:

It is the goal of the entire staff to coach, teach, and motivate every member of the program to achieve both team and personal goals set at the highest level of potential.  It is also a program goal to develop as a group so that sportsmanship, unity, and success is shared among the entire team.

The program consists of three levels: varsity, JV and freshman teams.  Varsity has open tryouts consisting of two practices and one scrimmage to decide placement.  There are no cuts, so any player not making the varsity roster automatically gets placed on JV.  There is also a "floating" roster where JV players may be called up to play games against "developing" teams to make the competition more equal, but still with the absolute purpose of winning.

All freshman who do not make varsity play with the freshman team, not JV.  In the rare case that the JV roster may require additional players to play a game, some freshman may get called up, but the goal is to have all freshman playing together as much as possible to build team chemistry and establish a strong foundation in the program ideology.  For some of the higher-level freshman, they may have the opportunity to practice with the varsity team and attend games, but only when there is not a conflict with a freshman program.  

Time Commitment:

The varsity and JV teams practice or compete in games six days a week.  Due to CIAC rules, a day off from playing is required, but on that day off, there may be film or workouts.  Towards the end of the season, there may be several rest days of just film or walkthroughs, but players are required to attend all team obligations.  Players on both the varsity and JV teams have games every week and no time off is given for vacation.  If time off is needed to due family, medical, religious, or school related conflicts, players must speak to a coach prior to missing any practice or game.  If any time is missed for an unexcused reason, that player will either be suspended or removed from the team - no exceptions.  Members of the freshman team are the only players permitted to travel during spring break, but missing practices and games may jeopardize status on the depth chart.

Practices start after school at 3:40 PM and usually end by 5:15/5:30 PM.  Home games are usually at 4:30PM or 5:00PM on weekdays with Saturday games starting between noon and 2:30 PM.

Pre-Season Conditioning:

Mandatory conditioning with Coach Mediate begins immediately following the football season.  A schedule is posted on the website and a lacrosse coach will be present at each workout for attendance. 

Starting in January, clinics are held at the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich and registration is done by the booster and captains’ parents.  Participation is optional, but highly encouraged for any non-winter sports athlete.  One month prior to the season, team meetings and workouts are held twice a week.  These meetings are mandatory for any non-winter sports athlete. One week prior to the season, GYL hosts a free week-long clinic.  This is open to any player interested in playing lacrosse during the spring.    

Required Equipment:

The school issues a helmet to any player in need, but all other required equipment must be supplied by the individual player.  Any school-issued helmet can only be used during the spring season and must be returned with uniforms after the last game.  No helmets may be borrowed during the offseason.


Coaching Staff:

Bobby Lutz
Head Coach

Jeremy White
Varsity Assistant Coach 1

Frank Wells
Head Junior Varsity Coach

Joe Vrtiak
Junior Varsity Assistant Coach

Brian Zeller
Head Freshman Coach

Jarrett McGovern
Freshman Assistant Coach