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Rugby - Boys

Program Overview:

Greenwich Men’s Rugby was formed in 1986, and operated as a club for four years, before being granted Varsity Sports status in the Spring of 1990. As one of the longest tenured public school programs on the East Coast, Greenwich has a rich history of success. While these successes can be counted in matches won, or in trophies collected, the number of young men who have come through the program and the camaraderie they formed is a richer success. We are proud to continue the tradition that all players are welcome to be part of our rugby family in whatever capacity they feel comfortable with, and that no players are ever cut from the team. We strive to compete in four levels of play: Varsity team, Sophomore Team, Freshman team and a Developmental Team.

Being able to play sports is a privilege.  Familiarize yourself with the athletic code of conduct.  To play rugby at Greenwich High School you must be passing four core courses.  Maintaining your grades is your responsibility; not your teachers; not your parents. 

Time Commitment:

The Varsity team is the highest level of competition.  Practice or obligations are held 6-7 times per week.  Sometimes there can be multiple matches per week and travel will be necessary.

Sophomores and Freshman are eligible to participate in the Sophomore team.  Practices are 4-6 times per week.  There is approximately 1 game per week.  

Only Freshman are eligible for the Freshman team.  Practices are 4-6 times per week and there is approximately 1 game per week.

The Developmental Team is for students of any age.  The focus is on teaching the game to older players.  Practice 4-6 times per week and there is approximately 1 game per week. 

Nationals is the ultimate privilege. This is an opportunity to represent your school, your family, and the tradition of this program. Roster spots will be earned. The coaches will choose a roster of players who we feel will best help us to compete for a national championship. This is a work trip and will be treated as such. In order to be considered you must be ready and willing to do what is best for the team and program as a whole.  Also, your attendance and academics must be in good standing. 

Attendance - continuity is key to success. If you want to be considered for the starting 15, be at practice every day. To be at practice you cannot be on the attendance report which I receive at the end of the day. If you are on the report and come to practice you will be sent home. If you are tardy to class I recommend confirming with your teacher that you were in fact in class and that they mark you as such. If they are not able to change the lateness email me, your teacher and your guidance counselor.  The easiest way to avoid this is go to every class on your schedule and get to it on time.

Academic Assistance Program -  Core Courses or GPA will not be the standard used. To be considered for the Nationals roster no player may have below a C, in any and all courses.  This program is for any player who identifies himself as having a grade lower than a C, and needs help. If he wants to work on that grade with help, email Coach Fina and we will formulate a plan to help improve that grade. A player in our academic assistance program will always be considered for selection to travel, but selection will be up to the discretion of his coach.

Team Communication:

Information regarding practice, games, and all other team related activities will be shared on the Boys Rugby Sports You page.  Click here for detailed instructions on creating an account.

Coaching Staff:

Mike Fina
Head Coach

Glenn Fox
Assistant Head Coach

Mike Laczkowski
JV Head Coach

Gareth Gibbs
JV Assistant Coach

Jamie Everett
Freshman Head Coach

Chris Swan
Assistant Coach

Wyndsor Doyle

Bill Doyle
Assistant Coach and Parent Liaison

Mark Offerdahl