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Track and Field - Girls

Program Overview:

We act with class at all times on the track and off the track, as evidenced by our conduct and language. We understand there are consequences for use of profanity and unsportsmanlike behavior. It is essential we listen to the guidance of captains and coaches at practices and at meets.

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each practice.  Athletes must CHECK OUT with a coach before leaving each day.  All athletes are expected to attend all practices unless they have cleared an absence with the coaches in advance.  Athletes are to make practices a priority in their scheduling, and avoid conflict wherever possible.  If athletes miss school due to illness, they are, of course, excused from practice.  If athletes are in school, and must miss practice for any reason, they MUST contact a coach during the day to clear the absence.  UNEXCUSED ABSENCES FROM PRACTICES AND/OR MEETS WILL JEOPARDIZE JV AND VARSITY STATUS, AND IF REPEATED, MAY RESULT IN DISMISSAL FROM THE TEAM.

Athletes are dividing into training groups based on event, experience, and ability.  Each training group has a designated coach.  Your training groups is your position on the team.  This determines the type of training you do, and the events in which you compete.  You will report to your training coach each day after a short team session and warm up is completed.  Athletes are expected to train hard, show a positive attitude and train honestly.  Athletes who are identified by coaches as not clearly committed to improvement through practice will be counseled to improve specific behaviors, but may be dismissed from the team if there is no improvement in commitment level.

Athletes are expected to take the school bus to and from meets and stay for the whole meet.  Alternate transportation to or from the meet may be arranged IN ADVANCE and requires a completed Alternate Transportation Form.

Time Commitment:

Practices will generally be held from 3:30-5:30pm Monday - Friday at the Greenwich Cardinal Stadium Track.  Practices will be held on Saturdays when we do not have a meet from 10:00-12:00pm.  Attendance at practice is mandatory.  We also typically lift weights twice a week after outside practice is completed.  We consider these sessions to be optional but encourage everyone to participate.

Track meets are mostly on Saturday.  Most meets last 4 hours +/- with some Invitational meets lasting longer.  Some Championship meets (League and State) take place on weekdays.

Pre-Season Conditioning

All athletes are encouraged to begin training before the start of the season.  Workouts should include some running and core work.  Once we have the pre-season team meeting our captains will announce a schedule of conditioning workouts that are all encouraged to attend.  These will take place from the time of the meeting until official practice starts.

Required Equipment:

Athletes must have appropriate clothing for warm, cool, cold, and rainy/snowy outdoor workouts every day. We do not cancel practice due to weather except in extreme circumstances. Please make every effort to acquire a new pair of training shoes, and always bring a watch and water. Middle distance and distance runners should try and obtain a GPS watch to keep track of mileage. Spikes for racing are advantageous but not required. offers affordable racing spikes and equipment.

When attending meets athletes should bring seasonally appropriate clothing layers, school-work, healthy snacks and water (check-list provided before first meet). 


Coaching Staff:

Peter Watson
Head Coach

Chris Wallace
Assistant Coach

Colin Nanavaty
Assistant Coach