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Volleyball - Boys

Program Overview:

Our goal is to share our knowledge and love of volleyball while performing at a high level.  Coach Marianna and I have a lot of experience not only coaching but playing as well.  We have both played at high levels and have high expectations.  Effort and good attitude will go a long way.  Showing us you are coachable players can turn into quick progression and make for a great season.

Tryouts are going to be conducted over 2-3 days.  If we have a clear concise decision after day 2 we can move on.  If we need another day we will take it.  We will be doing basic drills in the beginning and then progress to see where the right fit is for each player.  Student athletes will be put on the team that best suits them; varsity or junior varsity.  Throughout the season at any point a player can be brought up or moved down.

Time Commitment:

Varsity and Junior Varsity will be practicing 5-6 times a week usually with a practice on Saturdays.  Volleyball is like any other sport the more effort you put into it the more you get out of it.  We are in the gym working 5-6 days a week.  Our season goes through April break and we will have games and practices.  We understand that there may be conflicts we just ask that you be proactive and communicate any ahead of time so we are aware.

Pre-Season Conditioning:

Conditioning for volleyball is not like any other sports.  You need good cardio but not long term.  Volleyball is a fast paced game for a couple of seconds.  Being able to make quick movements is also key.  Doing short sprints or line drills are great.  Doing squats or box jumps with or without weights is also great to build leg strength.

Required Equipment:

Athletic shoes and clothing.

Coaching Staff:

Emilio "Moe" Renzulli
Head Coach

Marianna Linnehan
Assistant Coach/JV Coach