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Handbook & School Policies

Greenwich High School, an award-winning school, takes pride in the achievement of its students in academic, co-curricular and athletic programs. The key to success at GHS is the philosophy of “Freedom with Responsibility.” Greenwich High School emphasizes “Freedom with Responsibility” as a guiding principle for student behavior. The extensive array of courses and the many cocurricular and athletic programs allow students the freedom to make choices. With this freedom of choice comes the responsibility to accept the consequences of decisions. We encourage our students to get involved, make good decisions, and make the most of the various offerings at Greenwich High School.

This handbook provides information about the most commonly referenced Board of Education Policies and Administrative Regulations for the Greenwich School District. The handbook does not provide complete policies or procedures. Changes in the policies are made throughout the year and are made available to parents and students through newsletters, web pages, and other communications. For the most current and up to date Policies and Regulations please go to the GPS eGovernance Website. Throughout this handbook the term parent is used to represent both parents and legal guardians.

Please see the following pages of our eHandbook:

Introductory Information