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Mission / Vision


Greenwich High School is a collaborative community of learners dedicated to academic excellence, personal integrity, and interpersonal responsibility.
(Updated July 2016)

Beliefs about Teaching and Learning:

Academic Excellence:

Personal Integrity:

Interpersonal Responsibility:

Students actively participate and take responsibility for their own learning in order to build a strong foundation for future success.

Students demonstrate ethical behavior in their academic and social endeavors and take responsibility for their own actions.

Students contribute to their school and community and form strong relationships that demonstrate character, acceptance, and respect in all interactions.


To prepare students to function effectively in an interdependent global community with a core body of knowledge and the individual capacities defined in the Vision of the Graduate.

District Behavioral Norms:

  • Be Here
  • Be Safe
  • Be Honest
  • Care for Self and Others
  • Let Go and Move On

21st Century Learning Expectations:

Greenwich High School adopted the Greenwich Public Schools Vision of the Graduate as the 21st Century Learning Expectations.

Please see the Greenwich Public Schools page to learn more about the Vision of the Graduate.