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Greenwich High School PTA with cardinal


Our Curriculum Enrichment funds provide the opportunity for learning to occur in ways not always possible in a classroom. Students can learn by doing or by taking the subject to a real-life situation.

Efforts include things such as:

  • Field trips
  • In-school programs, speakers and events
  • Cutting-edge teaching and learning tools for the classroom (e.g.,drone in environmental science classes, Vernier devices in various science rooms for data collection, tech accessories to aid in production of digital photography and art).


Our parent education includes special programs and workshops that help parents learn about the needs of a teen. We have programs that focus on the mental and physical well being of a teen, as well as programs that focus on post-graduate needs. Additional information is available in Past PTA Meeting videos & handouts. We also work with GHS, District personnel, and the Board of Education to advocate for GHS.

Efforts include things such as:

  • Programs to inform parents about the college process
  • Programs to provide parents with expert information on current and relative parenting topics, and teen health and behavior
  • Advocate for students and families with appropriate GHS and District personnel


Our staff is supported through Curriculum Enrichment. We also celebrate them during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our other services are primarily directed toward meeting various needs of students at GHS. We help match students with paying jobs and volunteer opportunities.

We also provide college scholarship funding as well as funding for student school needs, as identified by the Guidance staff.

Efforts include things such as:

  • Outreach
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Student Employment
  • Scholarship
  • Volunteer support for House Offices, Student Activities, College & Career Center, and Media Center

Read the 2022-2023 GHS PTA Annual Report for more detail on recent work.