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Clubs and Activities

Greenwich High School is committed to the co-curricular involvement of all students and to the development and recognition of student leaders. We believe that participation in school activities develops skills, provides direction in goal setting, and contributes ultimately to a positive school climate.

To contact a club, refer to the 2022-23 club list This list contains the advisor, student leader, and where and when the club meets. Note: This list is continuously being updated throughout the school year. 

Students who have general questions regarding any co-curricular opportunities or students interested in starting a new club are encouraged to come to the Student Activities Office. Club specific questions should be addressed to the club advisor.

All students proposing a new club, must complete a “New Club” application. They can also be found in the Student Activities office.  In addition to the application, you need the following to establish a new club: an interest from your classmates, a faculty advisor, and a meeting with the Director of Student Activities.

Prior to completing the application, look at the current clubs to make sure there is not a similar club that already exists. Once you have established that, complete the application, submit it to student activities and make an appointment for your meeting with the Director of Student Activities. Establishment of a new club will be decided on an individual basis. 

New Club Applications will be accepted between October 1 and April 1. 

scales of justice and stethescope

This group is a healthcare advocacy club with the purpose to raise funds and awareness about healthcare inequalities around the world.

woman in wheechair with assistant dancing surrounded by a circle of people

To promote accessibility and acceptance for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and those who are mentally challenged through the world of dance.

person at a laptop

The Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) club teaches and discusses ethical issues involved in computer science, how that affects us, and possible solutions as technology advances.

diagram of what happens with ALS

To raise awareness and garner support for ALS through the GHS community.

American Red Cross logo

A way for youth volunteers to gain leadership skills, meet new people and make a diference in their community while having fun with friends.

Art Club - Art Supplies

Students come together to learn about and create art.

Association of Hispanics at GHS - postage stamp of cartoon drawings of various famous Hispanic people

This association’s mission is to promote and maintain the diversity of the Hispanic/Latin-American culture there is at GHS and to encourage cultural diversity.

Badminton Club - close up picture of a hand holding a birdie and a badminton racket

To create a space where GHS badminton enthusiasts can gather, and share/express their love for the sport.

Big Brother Club

The Big Brother Club is about making sure that freshmen can get the best out of their high school years by giving them a place to belong and bridging the gap between middle school and high school.   

Big Sister Little Sister Club

This club’s mission is to build friendships throughout GHS and help incoming freshmen girls have a community that helps with school navigation and other problems they may have.

thermal imaging of human body

The Biology Club will strive to unite students interested in biology, and serve as a place to discuss and review current events in biology.

Book Club

A way for students to explore their love of reading through new literature and discussion.

Broaden Our Horizons Club

This club spreads awareness of the financial difficulties of boys in our community and recruits volunteers to help GPS boys in need.

Different colored ribbons representing the various types of cancer.

Our mission is to create awareness about the risk and presence of cancer in our community as well as provide assistance and support for those who have been or are currently affected by cancer.

Ceramics Club

To educate people about cermics and to implement that learning to create ceramic objects.

Chess Club

To unite students that may have otherwise never talked to each other through the game of chess.

blue house with the letters CCI in a red heart, the words community centers, inc. beneath written in blue, the words care, co

Students work with Community Centers Inc. to help overcome educational, social, and economic barriers that people in the community face.

Con Law Club - Gavel

The Con Law Club aims to further educate students about the United States court system and recent decisions and events in the world of constitutional law. Members will engage in discussions and debates, watch related videos, and do fun activities to learn more about the constitution and court system. We will also have news quizzes and special events with guest speakers.

Cornhole Club

To create a competitive and welcoming environment that unites people together for the sole purpose of playing corn hole.

person cutting paper 

To make accessories and other crafts and give/donate them to nurses, the elderly and the community overall.

Current Events Club

Students participate in a safe and welcoming environment to discuss and learn about current events.

Transparent American flag with computer code in the background

In this club students learn about Cyber security and compete in the AFA Cyber Patriot League.

Debate Club - Debate

Students are given the opportunity to learn new skills and practice debating. Students practice mock debates at their weekly meetings; they are separated into groups and given current topics to argue. They also compete against other schools in the Connecticut Debate Association on Saturdays, 5-8 times per year.

drawing of people at a table 

DECA is to enhance the co-curricular education of students with interests in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. This club helps students develop skills and competence for marketing careers, build self esteem, experience leadership and practice community involvement.

Democracy in Action Club

The Democracy in Action Club is a place to create a more civically engaged population by encouraging discussion and debate about democracy in a non-partisan environment.

group of women sitting in a circle

A club where you can learn about different DDCs (Disorders, Disabilities and Conditions), and a safe place for those with DDCs to talk about their experiences, educate others, and spread awareness to the GHS community to stop stigma.

Diversity Awareness Club

Students work together to promote diversity throughout GHS and to help create events designed to honor the GHS diversity pledge.

Volunteer worker with a female cancer patient with a scarf

To support local hospice and palliative care patients. We primarily do so through planning and fulfilling the dreams of local hospice patients.

colorful dice, a scorecard and pouch on a table

Students play Dungeons & Dragons after school together, adventuring within their imaginations and introducing students to “Table Top Role Playing”.

Economics Club - Wall St

Economics Club provides a place for students to learn and develop a passion for economics while preparing for national competitions.

Economics Club - Wall St

A group of students dedicated to environmental protection and conservation in our community and beyond. Our purpose is to educate and empower students in environmental studies through active participation and action.

E-Sports Club - 3 young adults at computer screens with headphones 

This club provides students with a friendly-competitive environment for playing video games and E-Sports.

A page turned to the definition of ethics

We provide realistic simulations on ethical dilemmas that may be apparent in a student's future. We analyze the situation and come to a moral consensus on the topic.

European flags waving in wind

To allow students to learn about European nations' cultures and help spread awareness to our community.

classroom in third world country

To raise awareness for children around the world that are suffering from lack of education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

models walking down the runway

A club where students can pursue their interests in fashion and connect with others who have similar interests. Members will be involved in discussions regarding current trends, designers, and new lines, along with participating in a wide variety of fahsion projects.

Former Attire Club

Club members collect previously owned, “gently” worn formal clothing from students, staff, and local businesses during the fall. Dresses, suits, tuxedos etc. that are collected are donated at an event during the months leading up to the spring proms.

hands that are tied together

Students join the fight to eradicate human trafficking and slavery locally and throughout the world.

Eiffel Tower

To expand the French cultural knowledge of GHS students. 


GAINS connects girls with a passion for STEM subjects to support, encourage, teach and inspire one another.

man with face in palms at a slot machine

Students will come together to raise awareness of the potential dangers and risks of gambling. The idea is that knowledge is power. Club members will come together once a month (either virtually or in person) to come up with different ways to raise awareness of the dangers of gambling, whether through flyers, bookmarks, kahoots, or other forms of communication. Approximately 4-5% of youth ages 12-17, meet one or more criteria of having a gambling problem. We will define to students what is considered "gambling" and work to educate the student body of dangers.

Gender Sexuality Alliance Club (GSA)

A group of students dedicated to reducing homophobia, creating an atmosphere of acceptance, and fostering a safe environment for people of all sexual orientations. Membership is open to all genders and sexualities. This club sponsors events and activities to heighten awareness within the GHS community.

German Flag against blue sky

Students participate in cultural experiences outside of school and provide service to the GHS community through volunteer tutoring in German.

binoculars with a bird on the lens

To observe and learn about the birds on the GHS campus and to learn the basics of ornithology.

Bible, chalice, and cross

To help those in need in our community, raise money for charitable causes, and teach others about catholic beliefs.

three students at a white board

GHS Math Club seeks to introduce students of all levels to unique, creative problems in math, oftentimes exercising problem-solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking. We also participate in monthly meets in the Fairfield County Math League (FCML), for which students are welcome to take qualifier tests for our 6 person A-team or all-inclusive B-team.

Model UN Club - United Nations building with flags from various countries in front

Model UN is a community that fosters diplomacy, debate, and research skills while increasing its members' knowledge of geopolitics and economics. We travel to colleges for conferences which simulate the workings of the UN (as well as other historical and fictional groups) in an environment that is both competitive and collaborative. We also host our own conference in the fall and spring. The club can be contacted at


Eiffel Tower

To introduce people to music theory.  We will also teach basic and in-depth theory as well as allow for an opportunity to discuss with others. 

artoon drawing of 2 contestants behind a podium and a host

Quiz Bowl is a trivia based club that participates in team tournaments.

a cartoon depiction of a girl and boy behind a podium with a score of 150 

Students practice questions and study relative subjects to create, prepare, and assemble a team for science competitions.

GHS Sports Broadcast

To allow students interested in broadcast, production or marketing, to get a feel for a possible career. This is also a great way to bring students together.

GHS Students Give Back

To help our communities be safer and more prosperous mentally and economically through our resources at GHS.

Girls for Girls Club - 3 girls and a female teacher working in front of computers

This club is to expose girls to the world of computer programming and to even out gender imbalance in the field of computer science.

The word Greenwich written in red and United Way written in blue.

Students work with Greenwich United Way to initiate solutions and implement programs that have a lasting and positive impact.

Greenwich Library Advisory Club - books on the upper level of a circular library

This group of GHS students serves as an advisory board to the Greenwich Library staff to provide feedback and support for young adult programming, services, and material selection. This team also works to create and facilitate new community service oriented events at the Library.

2 officers standing by a police car

The mission of the Greenwich Police Explorers is to get today’s youth to simulate law enforcement operations and to promote ethical behavior, self-confidence and responsibility. Students have discussions with and interact with local law enforcement.

Habitat for Humanity - 3 human figures forming a house next to the words Habitat for Humanity

This club works to create awareness that more than half of the people in the world live at the poverty level and that no human being should live in substandard housing. In past years, students have built houses in Bridgeport and Westchester.

two boys

To educate people about Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, and to support the needs of children and orphans in Haiti.

girl holding a dog outside of a cage at the pound

Students work to raise awareness and resources for animal shelters and rescue groups. This club’s main activities include educational events, donation drives, animal-related outreach and activism to help animals.

Hand in Hand Club - Young woman in a wheelchair with another young woman standing beside her

This club is made up of students with and without disabilities who get together for socially appropriate activities such as: going out for pizza, or the movies, and having parties. Club members also volunteer at other local organizations that relate to people with disabilities.

Heart Disease Awareness Club

Even though heart disease is the largest cause of death in the world it isn't spoken about enough.  Through various activities such as fundraisers, we will work hard to shine a light on this issue.

Imani - A cross on a hill with the sun setting behind it

Students come together to discuss, learn, and share ideas and beliefs involved in the Christian faith.

Teenagers in a circle smiling and laughing

Links Through Loss is a group where students who have lost a parent or immediate guardian can meet and form new connections to people with similar experiences.

sheet music

Come together to analyze lyrics to songs to gain a deeper understanding of it.  Engage in ativities and discussion involving what lyrics mean and why they were written.

aide folding a walker

To get a community of committed volunteers who would be willing to learn about various durable medical goods (such as wheelchairs, walkers, shower benches, rollators) so we can help assemble, sanitize and repair donated items.

Meditation Mindfulness Club - Woman in a yoga pose under a large tree

The Meditation and Mindfulness Club seeks to promote individual and social well-being through the practice of techniques designed to enhance attention, awareness, and compassion.

Natural History Club - A black and white depiction of a courtroom filled with men from approximately the 1700-1800s.

Students are able to explore and discuss their love for history and pop culture outside of the classroom as a means of being more aware of their community.

The words neighbor written in black, the word to written in green, next to a cartoon depiction of a couple handing bags to a

Students raise awareness for local organization Neighbor to Neighbor, as well as, collect items such as food and clothing for them.

Outreach Club

The Greenwich High School Outreach Club is dedicated to preventing destructive decisions specific to underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, and teen suicide.  Outreach Club collaborates with teens from the Greenwich Together Youth Coalition, the First Selectman's Youth Commission, and The Yellow Tulip Project to plan school and community events that encourage healthy decision-making, and reaching out for help when needed.  

Pawsitive Attitude

To establish a safe and positive space for students where they can learn about and practice mental health strategies that will help reduce stress and anxiety they might be feeling throughout the school year.

Philosophy Club - The words "I Think Therefore I Am - Rene Descartes" typed in red on a note pad

To create an environment where a varitey of topics may be calmly and thoughtfully debated.

Photography Club - Young woman taking a picture and the background is out of focus

This club exposes students to different perspectives of life through photos. They educate students about the artistry of photography and admire famous photographer’s works.

Computer image of a the lungs and bones of the human body 

The Physiology and Anatomy Club will strive to educate students interested in learning how the human body functions and will create a community of students who share passions in healthcare.

Collage of magazine clippings

To enable Greenwich High School creatives to share their artistic endeavors with the students and teachers of GHS.

Ping Pong Club - 2 people playing ping pong

To provide an uncompetitive, fitness and social experience for our members through table tennis.

A girl sitting on the ground with her legs crossed and a book in her lap.

The Poetry Club cultivates an inclusive community that encourages students to expand their knowledge of poetry and express themselves through the medium of the written and spoken word. We will learn about different forms of poetry and students will journal during each meeting, all while encouraging a safe, mutually respectful, and culturally aware environment.

Pre-Med Club 

To educate the GHS students in medicine.  This could include fundraising for medical issues, learning about ethics in medicine, learning about different specialties and raising awareness for medical issues in our community.

This group seeks to educate people on the importance of reproductive freedom and support/protect reproductive rights.

Programming Club - A screen with ones and zeroes 

All students, experienced and inexperienced, who have an interest in coding are welcome to join the Programming Club. Students will learn more about the applications of computer science and gain experience with several programming languages.


Learn, discuss, and converse about psychological topics and current events relating to psychology. 

Reading Between the Spines - A notebook, magnifying glass, hat and pipe laying on a wood table

In the book club we strive to create a positive and encouraging environment to share ideas and opinions about mystery books. The club will be a group of people who share a love for mystery and wish to discuss it further with others.

Robotics Club - Four young people in a classroom (the background is out of focus) working on a robot

Students work together on various robotics projects and possibly enter into robotics competitions. This group applies science and math skills to real life scenarios.

man playing guitar

The Rock Music Club is a place that provides a meeting point for rock music fans from all different sub genres and interests to engage in discussion about and listen to rock music.

A sign that reads make this world better 

This youth inspired program promotes the idea of making the world a better place for people, animals, and the environment.

A young person holding a cardboard sign that reads equal rights.

To build a strong community of students who are passionate about expanding their knowledge on the history and future of social justice as well as the importance of advocacy and equality.

Close up shot of different colored saris

This club is to promote understanding and appreciation of cultures and traditions from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, the Maldives and other South Asian nations.

Person in stadium with a computer

To assist the many varsity programs at GHS by gathering those who will become team managers.  We aim to gather students who are enthusiastic about sports who otherwise would not play.

Man standing on a ladder adjusting a spotlight on a stage

Stage Crew is in charge of building, painting, lighting and sound for ALL the live theatrical events at GHS. Once the show is up and running, the stage crew / run crew is involved with all the scene changes within the production.

Woman sitting at a desk holding a sign that says thank you.

To spread light and gratitude to communities in times of crisis.

Bar graph of stock market activity

The stock market provides the opportunity to invest your money where you believe growth is occurring. Members should learn how to properly understand the growth and decline in our economy today.

Scrabble tiles that spell out pro life

Students seek to establish a pro life culture among the youth of the GHS community by educating their peers on life and actively promoting the right to live for all. They also organize drives for necessities of mothers, families, and children in need.

a supply of various toiletries

Our club focuses on distributing donations of toiletry supplies and school supplies to kids who are part of the free/reduced lunch program.  This will give these students access to goods for free.

Drawing of a hanger holding the earth with the recycle symbol drawn on top of the continents

To bring awareness to how much waste there is in the form of clothing and textiles and how we can recycle or upcycle garments and materials so as to have more earth friendly sustainable wardrobes.

A group of people around a computer and the background is blurred out with various technology symbols lightly superimposed on

To educate the GHS community about the entrepreneurial world, focusing primarily on the tech sector.

The Beak - image of a newspaper with the word school printed across the top in red

The Beak is Greenwich High School’s bi-monthly printed and online newspaper. Students write articles, layout issues, take pictures, and help edit peer's work. The Beak informs the school on current events and announcements as well as upcoming events.

The Nest Club - A male with headphones by a computer next to a female with headphones in front of a microphone

To expose GHS students to the world of journalism through podcasting and teach the value of asking important questions.

person painting on an easel

Art students make portraits of children in third world countries by using reference photos.  The picures will then be hand delivered to the children.

stack of pokemon cards

To bring together people with different types of backgrounds through their shared love for card games.

people playing frisbee

To promote the sport of ultimate frisbee and encourage students to get together to build school spirit and involvement in the game.

Wall Street Bull

To educate fellow peers about the fundamentals of Wall Street and financial markets.

yearbook page

Students work in various positions to create the GHS yearbook, Compass. Compass maintains its own webpage and is an after school activity. Students use InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and iPhoto.

purple ribbon above the words stop violence written in chalk

YNet is a youth lead activism group established in 1996 that is backed by the domestic abuse services of the YWCA of Greenwich. Their mission is to spread awareness about teen dating violence, domestic abuse, healthy and unhealthy relationships. Follow them on instagram @ynetgreenwich.

cartoon depiction of a donkey that is half blue with white stars and half red 

The Young Democrats Club of Greenwich High School seeks to engage students in politics and the political process while promoting democratic values. Students will be exposed to the world of local and national politics while gaining an understanding of the importance of their voice in their community.

Political symbol for the republican party

This club is dedicated to promoting Republican Party values at GHS and in the Greenwich community. During election season, students volunteer for the Greenwich Republican Town Committee and Connecticut Republican Party. Throughout the rest of the school year, the club holds discussions and debate style meetings on current political issues.

An office meeting led by a woman

The goal of this club is to draw more women into the business world, a predominantly male industry.