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Faculty Council

The NHS Faculty Council consists of five voting faculty members as well as a non-voting adviser. The members  are: Karen Boyea, Kelly Carlin, Dan Palheiredo, Daniel Silkman, and Mary Zarra.

Adviser: Ms. Jennifer Maxon

Faculty Council Philosophy

Decisions of the Faculty Council are guided by both the requirements of eligibility and the Greenwich Public Schools Vision of the Graduate. In particular the council focuses on a student’s capacity to advocate for ideas, causes and actions; communicate effectively for a given purpose; contribute to the community through dialogue, leadership and service; and conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner.

The packet that eligible students submit gives them an opportunity to demonstrate these tenants of the Vision of the Graduate and show that they have met the criteria for membership in the areas of service, leadership and character.

The Faculty Council carefully considers all packet materials, comments from faculty, and information from candidates themselves. While the Faculty Council may not like having to make hard choices that can disappoint students and their parents, making these difficult membership decisions is something that we have been charged with doing. We encourage all students involved in the selection process to “respond to failures and successes with reflection and resilience.”