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Student Parking

Parking Information 2022-2023 School Year:

Each senior with a valid driver's license is guaranteed parking for one semester. A lottery will be conducted in the fall and spring for students who are interested in receiving a permit.  Seniors may apply for a permit both semesters however, only approximately 60-100 seniors typically receive it for both semesters due to limited student parking spaces. Information for semester 1 parking will be emailed in late August. Information for Semester 2 parking will be emailed in January. 

Junior parking will become available beginning in mid-May when most seniors are on senior Internship or project.  This permit will be valid until the end of the school year.  Juniors granted parking in the spring will need to reapply for senior parking.

Please review the violations and consequences that are agreed upon when you apply for your permit.

Parking Violations and Consequences

Parking Violations and Consequences

Student parking map

Student Parking Map 2022

Student parking spaces in the parking lot are marked with a "S".
The street parking lot is not marked with a "S".  Please refer to the map above to see where students with valid permits may park on the street.