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Student Parking

Parking Information 2023-2024 School Year:

Each senior with a valid driver's license is guaranteed parking for one semester. A lottery will be conducted in the fall and spring for students who are interested in receiving a permit. Seniors may apply for a permit both semesters however, approximately 60 seniors typically receive it for both semesters due to limited student parking spaces so please plan accordingly. 

We recognize that many students and families have legitimate reasons such as sports and various after-school commitments for wanting a parking permit for a particular semester or both semesters. However, we must ensure a fair allocation of permits due to our limited parking capacity. To achieve this, we use a web-based random list generator to conduct a lottery. While this may not fulfill everyone's preferences, it offers an equal opportunity for all eligible students to secure a parking permit. Please plan and make arrangements now in case your preference is not met.

Please note that when you apply for the lottery, parking violations are reviewed as part of the application. Violations will jeopardize your ability to obtain or keep a parking pass. This will include any violations received prior to this application.

To enter the lottery for Semester 1, you must have a valid driver’s license or have received your learner’s permit by July 1, 2023. November 15 is the deadline to pick up your semester 1 parking permit.  Please do not apply if you will not have your license by then. 

To enter the lottery for Semester 2, you must have a valid driver’s license or have received your learner’s permit by November 15, 2023.

●  If you qualify for a parking permit (see above) and you decide not to enter the parking lottery for Semester 1, you are guaranteed parking Semester 2.

●  If you enter the lottery for Semester 1 parking and win, you may choose to have parking for semester 1 or defer your parking permit until Semester 2. You if decide to defer, you will need to notify Karen Foster, Director of Student Activities, by email within 5 days of winning the lottery.  If you do not defer by the deadline, you will be considered as having Semester 1 parking – even if you never park.

●  Semester 2 parking - Permits are given first to students who qualify and who did not have a permit Semester 1.  If there are still spots available, a lottery will be run for those who had parking Semester 1 and would like to apply for Semester 2.  There is no guarantee this lottery will be run. It is only if there are spots available. This will not be known until mid-January 2024.

Semester 1 timeline for senior parking:

●  Enter the Lottery: August 29 - September 5 - Seniors interested in a semester 1 parking permit enter the lottery. 

●  Lottery Run and Notification: Thursday, September 7 - Lottery is run and an email is sent out to everyone who applied.

●  Permit Pick-Up and Attach: Friday, September 8 - Friday, September 15 - Students who won the lottery may pick up their parking permits between 8:30 am – 2:30 pm in Student Activities.. You may not skip or be late to class to pick up your permit. Once the permit is picked up - please affix it to your car window, however you are still NOT permitted to park until Monday, September 18, 2023.

●  Permitted Parking Begins: Monday, September 18th - Students who have picked up their parking permits and affixed them to their car may begin to park at school.  Students may not park prior to this date. 

●  Permit Pick-Up: continues Tuesday, September 19 - Wednesday, November 15. 

●  Last Chance: Wednesday, November 15 - Deadline to pick up your semester 1 permit.  



Junior parking will become available beginning in mid-May when most seniors are on senior Internship or project.  This permit will be valid until the end of the school year.  Juniors granted parking in the spring will need to reapply for senior parking.

Freshmen and sophomores are not allowed to park at GHS.

Please review the parking violations and consequences. Violations jeopardize parking eligibility. 

Parking Violations and Consequences

Parking Tickets:

  • 1st ticket - pay the ticket, * speak with Assistant Dean, parent/guardian contacted,

  • 2nd ticket - pay the ticket, meet with the Dean of Student Life + Assistant Dean, letter home.

  • 3rd ticket - pay the ticket, loss of parking for the duration of current school year

  • 4th ticket - pay the ticket, loss of parking for the duration of time at GHS

  • 5th ticket - pay the ticket, loss of school privileges; which could include potential loss of senior internship

Creating and/or using a fake permit or using someone else’s permit:

  • loss of parking for the duration of time at GHS
  • Any inappropriate use of a parking permit, it becomes invalid.     

  • Tickets are cumulative over the time a student is at GHS, not just one semester. Tickets are issued by the Town of Greenwich, not GHS.

*If the driver of a vehicle is unknown at the time of the infraction, infractions will continue to build with each ticket. Even if it the infractions are not processed by the Assistant Dean when the ticket is given.  

For example, if a student receives three tickets but is unknown until the third ticket, it will still be processed as “3rd ticket - pay ticket, loss of parking for the duration of current school year” not as “1st ticket - pay the ticket, speak with Assistant Dean, parent(s) contacted.


Student parking map

Student Parking Map 2023-2024

Student parking spaces in the parking lot are marked with a "S".
The street parking lot is not marked with a "S".  Please refer to the map above to see where students with valid permits may park on the street.